We host and manage our own beast of a server in a Esxi hosted environment with a 1Gbs synchronous fiber connection.

Server address: robotcarnival.net:26900
The server sometimes will disappear from the in game list.. we’re still working out why…

Discord server infohttps://discord.gg/cyXFbEkkxj

Server –
32 core CPU
64 Gb ECC ram
Very High speed NVMe SSD
and much more…

Internet connection-
Gig Fiber connection with sub 20ms route timing to the south east USA. If you are in the Florida or Georgia region
your timing might be as low as 5ms.

7 Days to Die Server side Mods-

New Additions – server teleports, server store, random events, earn $$ to buy items from killing Zed
Better Tools
Better Materials
Crazy custom zed
Hellish Bloodmoon additions

Current mods-
98 slot backpack
Better Spikes
Better Gems
Fast Tree Growth / Regrowth
Better Supply Drops
50% more loot from Zombies
!! Starter Items – simple armor, transportation, food / water, first aid and a bike
Hit Bar – health data for Zombies / Monster (yup MONSTERS) and animals
Increase Biome Zombies x2 – more variety of spawns per biome
Better Drink perks
Animal Spawn Groups
Bigger Wandering Hordes / Wandering Scouts
Car Respawner
Zombies Site Range – Aggressiveness
Extra Equipment Mods slots
Custom Heads Up Display (HUD) data
Seating Plus – more players can ride vehicles (ie. Truck can carry 4 friends)
Custom Zombie Pack – Monster Pack
Snow Biome Variety pack
Increase Vehicle speeds all around.
—AND MORE to come!

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