A portal to an ADHD fueled rampage of activities and funny happenings.

Our current list of little projects include – Our new server The 1.12.2 Pack on the Technic Platform, check out the pages for more details and instructions – We also have a full custom mod pack for Minecraft as well as a public server for anyone to play on. The mod pack is heavily influenced by dark RPGs with heavy focus on story and quests. We have bosses, mazes, a fully player based economy and the absolute freedom to dive into and create your own story.

One of our newest obsessions is 7 Days to Die – with a custom 12k map (4k is default, usually), tons of server side mods to turn up the difficulty and a story “blog” on this site to add to the fun. We’ve turned up the amount and difficulty of the zombies as well as made the Blood Moon Horde as it should be – absolute insanity and genuinely terrifying.