Welcome to the new pack! Technic Platform – The 1.12.2 Pack (customer modded 7-15-2021)
We have found that the Technic platform has the pack we’ve been looking for. It’s called simply “The 1.12.2 Pack”. Click HERE for more info. We’ve launched up a new server and a new world – Once you download the Technic Launcher and follow the instructions to install the pack the rest is pretty self explanatory… Once you launch everything up add a new server and point it to “robotcarnival.net” and give it what ever name you like.

Once you log in be patient…. there are a CRAP ton of mods. Once you spawn in we’ve already built a spawn hub for everyone to use. Its got some tools, a bed to set as your spawn to help you get started, portals to the nether / twilight forest / and a mining world.

To add a level or awesome we also found that resource pack and shader packs work really well. The link to the files is HERE – I’ve zipped it for us. You can use any resource pack you want but the most important thing is put the Optifine file in your mods folder on your PC – you can open the install location from the technic launcher.

Once you’ve put the Optifine file in your mod folder the initial run of the pack will setup everything – once the pack loads you can move the shader file to the shader folder and the resource file to the resource folder. Then from inside the pack – select the shader file and then the resource file – each will take a bit to load but its totally worth it!

UPDATE!! 7-15-2021 – We’ve added a few mods to the pack to add to the realism and just make it more fun! CLICK HERE to download the zip file for the 3 mods – Mo’villages / Tektopia / and MineColonies – Click on the mod names for more info.

Mo’villages – adds more villages to the map spawn. We should see more villages in more biomes as well.

Tektopia – reworks the Village NPCs. The villagers now have jobs (farmer, builder, guard – ext) and they ACTUALLY farm! It also adds more animation to the villagers them selves. You can also help build the town up and take on special roles.

MineColonies – Create your own village by becoming the mayor – setup builder huts, farms, boat launches and on and on – this mod has a ton of fun aspects.

UPDATE – MystCraft Pages / More MystCraft & Mystlibrary CLICK HERE to Download required zip file