Your story begins with your death – you wake up in a weird shadowy space the feels like someone’s simple study. There’s a man with a welcoming smile and arms held wide. Your memory is completely blank. Your past is gone. Oddly enough your know who you are – your name at least and that you we skilled in your own unique profession.

You walk over and introduce yourself to this stranger and he proceeds to fill in the blanks. You died, the great goddess and god have seen fit to bring you back and send you into the shattered world of your past. He tells you the many worlds have all experienced a calamity that has broken the very fabric of reality. The worlds are twisted, cracked and very dangerous. After a short conversation he smiles and with a simple snap of his fingers you find yourself in the light and falling. Your not the only hero that has been called back and the survivors are organized to help you any way they can.

You learn of the prior King and how he was betrayed and murdered by his brother. The same brother that is responsible for The Great Calamity – he and his Chancellor are masters of the darkest arts – have been to the evilest of places and came back with terrifying power.

The survivors of The Great Calamity all talk about their experiences – though everyone had their own experience it all began the same way – a ringing, a sound so loud that made most drop to their knees with pain. The sky rippled and colors of all kinds bathed everything in an eerie hue – colors that aren’t suppose to exist, colors that broke some people so badly they were lost to the void. Then there was the darkness, a darkness that seemed to fall from the sky and slither over everything it touch like oil on water. For all that was told everyone experienced what happened next in the same way – the light was pulled from the world, to the point where your hand couldn’t be viewed an inch from your face. There were voices in this void, they spoke in tongues – some of the mages could understand but only bits and pieces. Then the world dropped. Literally, everyone felt as if they were lifted feet first into the air, spun like a top and dropped. The light slowly returned over a few days. The survivors found that most of the people in the world had vanished, monsters hide in all shadows, evils thought to be myth roamed the loneliest of places and seek out their next meals. All the realms cracked and some even mixed into the reality of the overworld. A large percentage of the people who survived went mad and fell under the control of the Dark King – others turned into monsters of nightmare and the rest just tried to make sense of everything and find their loved ones.

Not long after the light returned – strange people began to wander into the capital – blessed with skills, strength and magics of the ancients. These heros all brought with them the same story of being brought back by the High Gods to fix the world and kill the evil that now poisons existence itself.

The Great Calamity also severed the Gods link to the people but the heroes – you – are living proof of their will and together you will restore these….