We love Minecraft and when it’s modded it can create a whole new experience. The one thing that seemed to be missing from Minecraft was a RPG experience. That’s what got us interested in what can be possible with a select set of mods. The result was Kingdoms in Chaos – originally called Hyrule in Chaos, we wanted it to be influenced by the Zelda games of old but after some tweaking and debate we decided to go our own path. We left the Zelda / Link mods in the pack for the sword craft, sounds, textures and much more.

As it stands we have the beginnings of a strong story with enemies, allies, NPCs, quests, and so much more. We took this mod to a new level as well with Boss fights – with huge rewards, special music, quest progression, and so much more.

The server weather is also been tweaked to help move the story and add to the experience. Hurricanes, tornados, hail, lightning and so much more. The weather will change depending on quests, server time, spells and random events. You have to be conscious of what the weather is doing in the biome you are building in – a strong enough storm will take your roof and lift you into the sky then chuck you away. The weather has updated special animations and sounds.

There is so much more – the story is evolving and the quests are always being added to the server to help the players and progress the story.

There is more to come and we cant wait for more people to bring their spark to the server.