After a break from Minecraft modding I came across this great pack – It’s got all the mods I love and a few I haven’t played with in the past… but now they are on my must have list.

I played for a while on the public server and it was fun but walking into a busy, aged server you always run into the issue of – 1. Everything has been claimed. 2. Trees, apparently no one replants trees (one of my pet peeves). 3. Partial floating trees (another huge annoyance of mine). 4. LAgggg, Je…rrr…kiness..

So since I can’t not tweak with anything I get my hands on I started to look into how the mod pack was organized and if I can add a few of my favorite mods.

After a few hours of tweaking I added some of my favorite mods to make the game more immersive and to remove some annoyances… don’t get me wrong, the mod author is amazing – to get this many mods, this level of customization and for it to work and work consistently is AWESOME! I usually end up playing either alone most of the time or with a small group of friends and the mods I add help with some of the “minecraft loneliness” 🙂 Here’s some of what I added…

Physics mod, Combat rolls, better combat mod, better animations mod, player animations, visual workbench, Domum Ornamentum (medieval additions), Sky Villages, Castles in the Sky, Vampirism, Dungeons Enhanced & Dungeon Crawl, Medieval Music Additions, The Graveyard, Towns and Towers, Occultism, Lost Cities, Minecolonies (really added a shine to the mod pack), Twilight Forest and finally Falling Tree (cut the base fell the whole tree – axe durability reflects like you manually chopped the whole tree.
These additions really added to the quests, the RPG aspect and brought a bunch of surprises and opportunities to the pack.

I will put a link below to the zipped mod additions for the client and for the Server if you want to host your own.
To install the pack go to – – download the client… then once it’s done, open it, click “Minecraft” and then search modpacks for “DarkRPG Forge Edition”. Install it, run it once, close it and then add the mods.
Just unzip the file and add the files to your “Mods” folder for your client and server. If you can’t find the install folder just open the client and click on the folder icon for “Install location” – that’s where you will find the mods folder.

Speaking of hosting – I have a server setup, running and ready for anyone who wants to join – just add a server in the client and point it to – – and you’ll be aok.

Client Mods – DOWNLOAD
Server Mods – DOWNLOAD